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No Hose Snag Dust Port for Festool Track Saw

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Dust Extractor - Shop Vacuum Hose Size

No Snag and Quick Connect Dust Port for Festool Track Saw

The improved No Hose Snag port ( non-swivel ) helps eliminate your shop vac or dust extractor hose from snagging on the guide rail. The weight of the shop-vac and dust extractor hoses swivel the dust port down. That allows the hose to catch on the guide rail. Our No Hose Snag port has a fixed "set and forget" ergonomic position that points the hose up and away from you. Easily hot-swapped with the Festool's original dust port. No tools are required! Protect your work and guide rail today with the original Black Raptor No Hose Snag.!

No Snags Quick Connects Available for:

  • TS55 REQ, TS55 FEQ, TSC55K,
  • TSC55 Cordless
  • TS75,
  • HK55, HKC55 Cordless

Available Dust Extractor Connection Options :

  1. Festool Cleantec D 27mm Twist Lock suction hose
  2. Festool Cleantec D 36/32mm Smooth suction hose
  3. Festool Cleantec D 36mm Twist Lock suction hoses
  4. RIDGID 1 7/8" and Generic 1 1/4in vacuum hose
  5. Jobsite, 1 1/4in thru 2 1/2in vacuum hoses
  6. Quick Click Dust Collectors, CenTec, Fein, Bosch etc
  7. Dewalt Airlock compatible vacuum hoses

They are printed from premium upcycled or recycled PLA (Polylactic Acid) Bio-Plastic at .2mm layer height. That means you get a great-looking part at a reasonable price.

*** Note: 3D Printed items have occasional imperfections in them. The exact color will also vary slightly based on filament availability.  

Designed and printed in Charlotte, NC. Proudly made in the USA.


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